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5 Simple Exercises for Losing Weight

Exercising is a task for most of us, but the good news is that you don't have to spend all your waking hours

Get Rid Of Headache - Naturally

According to Ayurvedic texts, mostly, too much of heat generated in the body (or pitta) leads to headaches.

Health Depends on Eating Habits

Eating well gives your body the energy and nutrients needed for healing, a process that continues

Can Diabetics Eat Mango?

Yes, In moderation Diabetic individuals may eat mangoes. It's also in the recommended list of American diabetes

Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance plans insure you against unexpected medical emergencies and keep your family’s finances stable during such a testing time. Keeping in mind the rising medical costs and spurt of diseases buying a health insurance is mandatory. A medical emergency can knock anyone’s door and impact a person both emotionally and financially. As a result, financial advisors suggest that it is prudent to buy health insurance plan and health care policy early in life.

  • Premiums as low as 5 BHD/day for coverage of 500 BHD
  • Know more about Plans from Health Insurance companies
  • 100+ hospitals for cashless treatment

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